Latest Book Review: From Promising to Published, by Melanie Faith, MFA

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When I learned Melanie Faith had written and published this book, I knew I wanted to read it. I had taken three workshop courses from her through Women on Writing, so I was aware of her writing talent and teaching skills. This book, From Promising to Published, came to me at the perfect time, just before I typed “The End” on my manuscript. I’ve made notes and scribbles throughout the book, a good sign that I’ll be coming back to it again and again. 

From Promising to Published is a necessary guide to the many options a writer has when publishing, or not publishing, the words that have swirled inside our heads for years and are ready to go out into the world. The final chapter I will carry with me, in my head, as a reminder to give myself permission to write without seeking external validation. The author says, “Some people won’t like what you’re writing and will be harsh about it… (none of these are your people, by the way). Don’t let that stop you. You have an inward fire simmering to keep you going.” And I will keep going. Thank you, Melanie, for the inspiration! 

Author: Leslie J. Cox

Leslie Cox is a writer of creative non-fiction, focusing on personal essay and memoir. Her essay “My Favorite Chair” was a runner up in the WOW! Women on Writing Q1 2020 Creative Nonfiction Contest, and she published two essays in “Her Vase” in 2020. Her essay "Distracted" appeared in the Pure Slush anthology: "Love, Lifespan," and she has enjoyed contributing to guest blogs and book reviews. Prior to semi-retiring from health care administration in 2019, Leslie wrote and published trade articles and a guidebook for health care professionals for HCPro. When she’s not writing, Leslie tutors students K-12 in the craft of writing, and that fills her up!

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